Monday, November 7, 2011


OK….mom wants answers to her questions.   And Kylie wants you to know that she loves you!  (in case she dies!)

Oh yeah. We mostly contact on the street but we knock on doors too. They're both ok activities. Knocking on doors isn't my favorite thing and sometimes we get kicked out of appartments or can't even get in in the first place. Most of the newer appartments have passwords to get inside so sometimes we have to sneak in. That part and running away from security makes it interesting. Haha.

Oh and we only have a washing machine. No dryers. So we have to hang everything up to dry. It's not too bad. Except during the summer when it's hot and humid, it's hard to dry things, and in the winter it's freezing cold. Any other questions?
Mom says she just uses a dryer and that works really well for her.  And she lives in St. George.  Helpful for you….I know.  Maybe a fan?  Hair dryer?  We’ll ponder.   Well thanks for the answers and nice visiting with you.  Kylie kind of hopes you love her too.   Have a great day!   Dad

Haha oh yeah I love Kylie too. Hopefully she doesn't die. We use a fan. It's really not that bad. But I do miss having a dryer sometimes. Those are handy machines.

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