Monday, November 7, 2011

Card Games

Hey everyone,
Sounds like you guys have had a lovely week with the doctors. I can honestly say I'm not jealous of that. Haha. Hopefully things get better and you guys can figure out what's going on with Kylie's knee. That's strange. So is Eva coming just to see you guys or is there some event going on? If she's going all the way to America just to see you guys, she must really like you. That flight is not fun. You'll have to tell her hi for me. Maybe she can teach you a few new words too. To answer your questions Dad: 1. being is a foursome is really fun. We bought a deck of cards and have been playing games every night when we're done with planning and everything. It's a lot different than just you and your companion. But it's good. 2. Training is really fun too. I've been lucky to have the greenie I have. We get along great and he's teachable. It's helped be stay on my toes and try to be a good example. 3. The language is coming along but it's still hard. The characters are easy, no problem there. Just understanding is tough. I'm picking up a few Chinese characters here and there though becuase Korean is based off of Chinese. So that's nice. In a way. It's definatley not Latin though. 4. I actually haven't used the music you sent yet. I haven't had much time to practice. Hopefully sooner than later. 5. I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. I guess that's next month huh? Shoot. What do you guys want? I don't need too much. I might get some new garments the next time we go to the temple. There's a distribution center there. That's kind of the only thing I can think of at the moment. 6. That family is doing good. We love meeting with them. We have been trying to get them out to church but they're a little apprehensive. They've given us some kind of weak excuses but seem open to going when they're ready. We're planning a time to have dinner with them and a couple other families in our ward so they can meet some people. I think that will help them come out to church. We did find one problem last night though. They like to drink coffee. The husband said his wife needs coffee more than she needs him. It was pretty funny. But also not. So either this could be a really cool coffee-quiting miracle story or just another empty cup. We'll see. Our ward has a goal to baptize two people by the end of the year and I would really love to seem them fulfill that goal.
Wow. Hopefully that answered your questions. Haha. That's been most of the week. Saturday night we had a "couples party" at the bishop's house. They must count companions as couples. But it was really fun. I like this ward. There's some awesome people. We did a little door knocking this week and put some flyers up for our English class. One lady came out so that was good. I think we're actually going to do that again tonight. When we were about to leave today, though, we got door knocked by this crazy church in Korea. From that experience I learned that when we knock on doors we shouldn't tell people that God doesn't love them or know them because they aren't a member of the church and that they're going to a bad place. People don't like that. And they probably won't come to English class. So that was good.
Well that was pretty much our week. Nothing too exciting I guess. Except I shot the moon in Hearts and won the game. That was exciting. We're going to play more games today and make sheet cake. Yum. You should send that for Christmas. That would be amazing. Well I'll talk to you guys next week. Get better soon!
Love, Elder Dorius

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