Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hey everyone,
Happy Halloween! I'm glad someone is celebrating it because no one in Korea knows what Halloween is. The only Halloween stuff is on American stores, like Baskin Robbins. So it's not too big here. I'm wearing my brown and orange tie and fake glasses as my costume. Woot. Sounds like a few of you had a busy week. Magnifying Danielle and Jesse's calling is right up there with pulling teeth. That must have been divine inspiration to give them that calling haha. I liked the pictures. It made me miss giving blood. And since I got half a dozen shots for Korea and who knows what surging through my blood now, I probably can't donate for a while. Dang. Oh well. What do you do?
This week was pretty good. We've been trying to visit quite a few members and less actives this week. We got a list of people to work on from our bishop so we've been busy with that. We met with our family yesterday. They're so cool. Last time we talked about the Plan of Salvation and gave them 2 Nephi 2 as a reading assignment, and last night the mom pulled out her Book of Mormon and seemed really excited to tell us that she had read but couldn't understand it very well. She had to read through it three times before she could understand a little bit. So we went through that and tried explaining it a little more. That chapter is a little hard to explain, especially in Korean. Then we taught lesson three, which is pretty much just the gospel: faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. It's probably one of my favorite lessons to teach. All four of us were there so we each took a principle and explained it. We invited them to church next Sunday, but they said they go visit the husband's brother at that time because he's sick. They said they don't have friends here becuase they just moved here so we want to introduce them to some members and have them making new friends. So hopefuly that works out. We've talked to our ward mission leader and have a plan going.
On Saturday our ward had a meat party. I know that sounds like we're fat, disgusting people, but it was really good. Don't judge. Plus it sounds better in Korean. Anyway. We tried doing a couple "Halloween" activities. We did that donught on a string thing where you have to bite it off and not use your hands. It was pretty entertaining. Then we were going to do an apple bob but the members ended up eating our apples. Lame. That would've been hilarious. So we're thinking about having our own little party with the youth and doing that. We'll see. It was still fun though.
That was pretty much our week. My last companion got surgery on an ingrown toe nail. That was exciting. Our house is still having fun. Which reminds me. Do you guys still have Scrabble Slam? We have it at our house for some reason but we don't have the instructions and I can't remember how to play. If you could email me those I'd really like that. Well may your Halloween be merry and bright. Or something like that. Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Dorius 

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