Sunday, October 23, 2011

Three's a crowd‏

Hey everyone,
Oh my gosh. You went boating again?! Ahh!! Why does St. George have such nice weather? It's starting to get pretty cold here. We were out contacting last night and it was windy and cold and not too much fun. I think it kind of put everyone we were trying to talk to in a bad mood. It wasn't a trip out on the lake, that's for sure. Mom I couldn't open Grandma's letter or those pictures. I think the computers we use don't have the software or something. It was all in Korean so I'm not really sure what the problem is.  Maybe try again? or I'll try again. You might need to just mail grandma's letter. It's a bit too late to catch my birthday at this point. Maybe next year.  And how did Garrett get out of speaking? I thought that was a mandatory thing. Lucky duck. He should've taken the chance to speak in English while he still had it because giving talks in Spanish won't be much easier.
So here's a story about transfers: It was the night of transfer calls and my companion and I are just waiting around for the call. I always get super anxious for transfer calls so I'm trying to sit there and watch patiently when the phone started ringing and it was from our mission president. Which, by the way, the picture ID for him on our phone is a picture of Elder Stanley holding a cello. Pretty funny. So I try to answer it in my best Korean and on the other end I just hear my zone leader say "Hey what's up?" and start laughing. Sometime that night my companion changed the name of our zone leader's number to our mission president and had them call us. It was pretty funny. After a few minutes. So then we're waiting again and still no call. We start to hear from the rest of our zone what was happening with them but we hadn't heard anything. So we finally texted the AP's to see what was going on and they told us we were both staying but were turning into a threesome. So I'm in a threesome now. The new elder that came in replaced me in Tae Baek so we've been talking a lot about that and what's going on there. My recent convert is still going to church and blessing the sacrament so that was good to hear. The members here seem pretty excited for three missionaries. I just hope this doesn't hurt our chances of being invited over for dinner. But other than that it's been fun.
We weren't able to meet with a couple of our investigators this last week. We got a hold of one and found out he's out of town for the next couple weeks. Which reminds me I needed to call him a couple days ago. Shoot. Oh well. Then our family couldn't meet either. So that was kind of a bummer. Our little kids that we've been meeting aren't becoming so fun. I don't think they have too much interest in the gospel. One might a little but if they're all together, there's not much hope. We changed up our English class a bit. Our ward mission leader has been helping out a lot with that and is really supportive. He's awesome. Our new companion, Elder Arvaseth, is a really good missionary so hopefully we'll see some improvement. We kind of have a less active project we started/working on, so hopefully we can get some people back out to church. That's just as good as a baptism in my eyes. Korea is full of less actives and I think sometimes we as missionaries get caught up in baptizing and look over the retaining. Either way, we have a lot of work ahead of us.
Well that was about it for my week. Pretty good. We have a sister in our district who cut hair before her mission so we're meeting up with them today and getting American haircuts for free. I'm pretty excited. Send some nice St. George sun over. That would be greatly appreciated. I don't think I need much more. You did send that package right? I'll let you know if I need/want anything else when I get it. Have a good week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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