Sunday, October 16, 2011

Only 4 more days until Conference!‏

Hey everyone,
Oh man I'm stoke for conference! It sounds like this was a really good one. Unlike the rest of them. Ha. And I'm glad you guys got my package. That got there pretty quick. I guess airplanes can fly pretty fast nowadays. I can't believe you guys are still taking the boat out. Is it really still that warm there? It's starting to get cold over here. I have to sleep with socks on and wear a jacket while I'm studying in the mornings. The afternoons are pretty nice. My companion and I have been wearing our suits for the past few days and that's about perfect. I am definately not looking forward to the winter. Apparently I was in the MTC during the worst part of winter last year so I'm worried I'm going to freeze. I'm just hoping that by being sent off to the coldest area in Korea as a greenie will pay off this year. Thanks for the birthday wishes. It doesn't really feel like my birthday. As a teenage Mormon boy, you don't really think about your 20th birthday. I don't think it really exists. In fact I did skip it when I came to Korea because of the difference between American age and Korean age. I've just gotten used to telling everyone I'm 21. But thanks anyway. It was Elder Stanley's birthday on the 30th so I called him up and talked to him for a little while. It was fun. It's still kind of crazy to think about us both being here. Oh and by the way, sorry for not emailing yesterday. It was a holiday so our email place was closed.
Well this week was pretty good. For P-day last week, we went to a pretty popular shopping place. I got a Korean soccer jersey custom made with my name on it. It's pretty sweet. I also practiced my bargining skills and got a pretty cool jacket. Then I got myself a few more ties like the ones I sent home. If you want some more just let me know. The ties are only about 2 bucks there. So that was fun. We also had our temple trip last week so that was good too. The temple is so nice. I really like the smallness of the Seoul temple. It's cozey. Yesterday for P-day we met up with my MTC companion and his companion and went onto one of the army bases since he's in the army. That was pretty cool, but strange. I felt like I was in America as I was eating my foot long from Sub Way in a cafeiteria with a bunch of other Americans. Even outside, walking around, the sidewalks and the trees looked American. It was a weird feeling. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have some culture shock again when I come home. Korea just feels normal now.
Our investigators are doing good. This family we're teaching is way cool. The mom owns/works at a resturant so she's an awesome cook and made us some good food. We taught them the whole first lesson and committed them to read Moroni 10 and they seemed to accept it all well. We've been taking a break from these kids that we've been meeting with. We're starting to think they might just be meeting us because we're white and play ping pong. We're meeting them tomorrow and kind of making it the last straw type of thing and see how it goes. Then our other investigator has been kind of flakey. He always says he has time to meet and loves meeting with us and then he can't meet or doesn't answer his phone. It's kind of annoying. But we're hopefully meeting him tonight and get things going again.
I think that's about it for this week. Nothing too much more exciting. We get transfer calls on Monday so things could be changing. We'll see. I'm just excited for conference. Thanks again for the birthday wishes. I'm sure it will be good. I'll be waiting for that package. Talk to you later.
Love, Elder Dorius

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