Sunday, October 16, 2011

Best conference ever‏

Hey everyone,
Thanks for all the reminiscing  (however it's spelled) and birthday wishes. Again. Yup. I'm 20 years old. It's kind of weird. I don't really feel that old, but I guess I am. It was good to hear from my friends on facebook via Danielle's email. That was nice. And thanks for the emails Aunt Linda and Amanda. I really enjoy hearing from everyone.
Conference was awesome! Our whole stake met together and watched it. All the members were in the cultural hall and watched it in Korean and all the missionaries were in a room and watched it in English. So I could actually understand everything this time. My favorite talk was probably Elder Waddell's in Priesthood. He talked about how the Lord has prepared a missionary experience for every missionary and how He knows our president, companions, and investigators and through those associations, we can become the type of Priesthood holder, husband, and father He wants us to become. It was really good. What's up with Elder Hales? He didn't look like himself at all. Has he been sick or something? Overall, I loved conference and the whole experience. It was fun to be with our whole zone for the weekend and just sit back and watch conference. And it was fun to see all the members. Big gatherings like this make me feel like I'm in Utah again, even though the size of the church here is almost nothing compared to there. Nevertheless, it's still true.
We couldn't meet with any of our investigators this week. It was a pretty rough week as far as numbers go. Two of our investigators kind of dropped off the radar and our family usually meets on Saturday so we couldn't meet because of conference. But we got a hold of one of our investigators last night and talked to him. He's been out of town and got drunk with his friends and broke his phone. Typical. So I cried repentance and told him to stop drinking and told him good things would happen. Just call me Ammon. Ha. Ok maybe not. So no new news for the investigators, and in this case no news isn't quite good news. Hopefully this week is better.
Tonight is transfer calls. I swear this transfer just started. I can't believe it's almost over. Time is seriously going by too fast. One of my good buddies in my district made an interesting comment. He said to me "you're 20 years old and your mission is almost halfway over." That's just what I want to hear. Happy Birthday to the ground. Ha. So it's pretty exciting but strange at the same time. I'll let you know how that goes next week. I have know idea what's going to happen. Speaking of letting you know of things, Elder Stanley says hi. He texted me happy birthday last night and we talked a bit. He's doing good. 
Well that's about all the excitingness of this week. It's hard to beat conference and a birthday all on the same day. Except one of the couple missionaries called me last night and sang happy birthday to me. That made my day. So a tip to grandpa and grandma when they're on their missoin: sing happy birthday to the missionaries. It's awesome. Today our district is going bowling. It's kind of our last "hurrah" for the transfer just in case we get seperated. I'm pretty excited. Anyways I'll talk to you next week and give you the updates from transfers. Have a big piece of chocolate cake for me!
Love, Elder Dorius  

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