Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

Hey everyone,
Alright before I forget, I have a few things I need to tell you guys because I don't have much time left in the MTC and I was just thinking about some things I need before I leave the country. First of all I still need Jeff and Jen's address if you could get that to me. Also if you could put together a photo album that would be nice too. Maybe some pictures of the family and St. George and stuff. I think that would be a good thing to take to Korea. Next you might want to check on my debit/credit card departure date thingy. When I called them I told them I would be in Korea in February, but since I'll be there sooner we might want to let the bank know and possible change that date. Hopefully that makes since. And lastly did you guys disconnect your cell phones and the home phone? Or did I just forget your numbers. We couldn't get a hold of anyone when we were trying to get my insurance information. Luckily I still knew the dental office's number. So if you guys could work on that, I would really appreciate it. If you think of anything else I might need, let me know.
Well I'm kidney stone free. At least I'm pretty sure. It passed yesterday but it wasn't as horrific as everyone makes it seem like. So hopefully I just got lucky and I'm good to go. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon so I should find out then if it's all good. But yeah I'm healthy and feel great. I love hearing about your guys' Korean girls. Tell the one who has Mrs. Abernathy I'm terribly sorry and I give her all the sympathy in the world. That doesn't sound very fun. She should get in with Mrs. Madden. Is their English good? I wish I was there so I could practice my Korean with them. But we actually have our own Koreans. 11 natives got here last week I think it was. They're so awesome. Koreans are just the best. It's fun to talk with them. They're really helpful with the language. On Saturday at the TRC, we taught the Plan of Salvation in Korean. It's tough. There's so much to that lesson and it's hard to teach it all. Especially with the language barrier. The Plan of Salvation can be hard to teach in English. I like teaching in Korean though. There's been times when I couldn't remember some words and then they just come into my mind. That's the best. The gift of tongues is amazing. There's no way I could be learning as much as I have been without it.
That's cool you guys are learning so much about Korean culture. I actually did know some of those things. I'm so exctited to get to Korea. The more I learn about missionary work, I realize there's so much more to it than just knocking on doors. And there comes a point where you can't continue teaching and learning in a classroom. You just have to get out and do it. Well my time is about up. I'm doing great. Thanks for all the prayers. Talk to you next week.
Love, Elder Dorius

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