Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Travel Plans‏

Hey everyone,
So today is my last P-day at the MTC. I'm pretty stoked. Here's our travel plans. We fly out of Salt Lake Monday morning at 8:40 and we arrive in Portland at 9:49. Then we fly out of Portland at 12:25 and land in Korea 9:30 Tuesday night. We're allowed to call home either from the Salt Lake airport or during our layover. I was just thinking of calling from Portland if that's ok. What do you think? Also what number should I call? Usually the bookstore here has calling cards but they're out right now. They said you can get some at the airport but do you want to send one? Or what do you think? And what should I do with my medications? I have 3 different ones and they're all still pretty full. I have at least one thing I need to send home or have Danielle pick it up. Do you know how she does that? Oh and do you know the address for the mission home in Korea? Because I don't. Haha. But I think the other elders have it. I've been trying to think of anything else I might need but I think I'm good. For now at least. I might need some stuff in a few months if I can't find what I need there. If you think of anything, let me know or just send it.
Yes! You got to try Skin Ramyun! Some of the native elders brought some over with them. It's so good. Kadin you need to learn how to enjoy Korean food. It's so good. I'm way excited to get over there and eat it everyday.
So we have 12 native missionaries here with us right now and on Sunday they did a musical number during Sacrament meeting and also at the MTC fireside. They sang "Because I Have Been Giving Much" in Korean. It was amazing. Koreans love to sing. They sing with a lot of pride (the good kind) and gusto. It was one of the best musical numbers I've ever heard. It was very simple, but very powerful. The Spirit was so strong during the entire song. It just reaffirmed my calling to Korea and how that's where I'm supposed to be. In six days. Woot.
Elder Holland paid us another visit this last week. He basically told us the secret to becoming a successful missionary. It was a good talk to hear right before we go out to the field. Since we've been at the MTC for so long I think all the subjects for the talks are being looped, but it's been good becuase we're reminded of what our purpose is and it just motivates us to work hard and be the best we can be. Oh speaking of missionaries. I've ran into Sister Walter a few times. She seems to be doing well. It's funny to see her and her companion because her companion is at least a good foot shorter than her. At least I think that's her companion. I've also ran into Elder Kaleb Nyggard a few times. He's going to San Antonio Spanish speaking. Our classes are in the same building so we see each other every once in a while. It was nice to see him again.
Well my time is about up. Hopefully I hear from you guys this week. I'm still doing well. I'll TALK to you on Monday.
Love, Elder Dorius

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