Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First email in the MTC!!!

My mom just called and said: "I got an email! I got an email! I got an email!" We're all pretty excited, but especially her. Today is her birthday and what better way to celebrate than getting a letter from her missionary!

Hey mom and everyone else,

First of all Happy Birthday! I was so excited to find out I was able to email you on your birthday. Second of all use DearElder.com or whatever it is. It prints it off as a letter and I can read it during the week. Because right now I have 24 minutes to write this email. Everything is great! I love the MTC. The Spirit is so strong and you can feel it everywhere. There's about 30 new Korean elders that arrived the same day as me. Four are from St. George. Three of those are in my district and one of them is my companion, Elder Pulsipher aka "the kid from Bloomington Hills area." He's great. We get along really well. Elder Stanley is not in my dristrict unfortunately. But I still see him around a lot and he's doing good as well. The Korean Elders are seriously the best. They're all so friendly. After the first day I felt like they were all life long friends. We have the best teachers as well. Brother Ball and Sister Lloyd. They're so cool and they are so good at teaching the Gospel and Korean. I know how to pray and testify in Korean now. I feel so cool. But it's still a lot of work. My favorite part of the day is gym. I really enjoy the break from classes. Some of the cho-no-nim (elders) in my district have been doing some workout program things. Whatever they're called. I don't work out. Well I do now. And Dad, it is not true that I can fall asleep anywhere. It takes so long to fall asleep here. And Danielle, yeah you can babysit Launa for the time being. I trust you and Jesse. Just make she stays in tune and is in a comfortable place to sleep. That will make her happy. It snowed on like the second day here. I've gotten good use out of my winter coat and v-neck sweater. Those are pretty popular here. I took your advice dad and joined the choir. It's so fun. We're singing an arrangement of Come Thou Fount. It really helps invite the Spirit. Well I only have about 4 minutes left. I'm trying to think of more to say. Just because it's your birthday mom. However I don't know what else to say. Everything is good. I'm working hard and staying busy. Hopefully I answered all the questions. If not use dear elder next time. Love you all!

Elder Dorius


  1. i love this! so good to hear he is doing well and that he got to write on liane's birthday!!! tell him i miss him! and that i'll be writing soon! and haha. i'll use dear elder, as he so highly suggests :)

  2. yay! This is awesome! I can't wait to read his emails! Thanks for sharing them. Makes it easier to see that this mission thing is a good idea! I have a few more months to prepare myself! I can't believe you didn't shed a tear dropping him off! I better practice that for a while!